About the Story:

An Un-Ideal Eternity is about a man named Desmond, who is killed, revived, and then finds himself immortal in a post-apocalyptic society. Just because it’s a society doesn’t mean that either he or “they” have to be civilized. And just because a gentleman has become immortal does not mean that he has no dangers to be wary of.

The good news is that he’s been afforded some very kind and very generous ministrations from his future-self. The bad news is that all those efforts might still not be enough, to allow our hero, to live in as untroubled and as un-tumultuous a manner as he’d prefer.


About the Author:

Inigo Sharpe, is as his name suggests, a sharply dressed mammalian individual, of between five and six feet in height. Usually sighted around your local grocery store, either in the cereal or freezer sections. Prefers suitably dark, and warm environs.

*Not* Washing Machine Safe.

If you should spot him please show caution, and do not approach Inigo Sharpe as he has been known to spook easily.