8: A Good Status

If the tenth level was the divide between levellers and non-levellers, then the hundredth level was the dividing line between the true levellers and all the normal folk who were just trying to get by. It was the difference between leveling to reach the apex and leveling just enough to survive with a little a dignity. The difference between an elite and someone who was merely a little gifted.


If the leveller ranking chart  could be trusted, while level one hundred only gave you the strength of one hundred men, level one hundred and one could grant you the power of hundreds. Possibly even a thousand men.


It wouldn’t make you untouchable but it would be the point where one could finally say with confidence that one could protect one’s own little life.


For us, the myriad abnormals that lived scattered across Agartha, this was even more so. Living with heightened strength, intellects and souls this point we could be doubly sure of our ability to oppress and avoid oppression.


We lived in a world of freaks, monsters, and demigods, it was enough that someone might question whether this confidence was really just fool-hardiness.


Or maybe the people here already knew that?


When three out of every ten people you met was secretly a superhuman, or  transcendental existence, one would still have to learn to be polite to the other seven, just in case.


No matter where you went in Agartha, even the roughest cultures tended to put an emphasis on courtesy and offense, when it came to dealing with unknown persons and powers.


After all the wrong word in the wrong ears could easily breed calamity.


Well…even on earth, there were fairy tales about people who inadvertently pissed off Royalty, the Supernatural or the divine…So maybe I was making too much of it.


But I digress….the point was, that I was now over level one hundred and one. Actually using various uninhabited ghost and beast infested little burgs as the fuel for my power leveling, I was even able to go past this point by twelve levels. Reaching level one hundred and thirteen.




Name: Samhain(Alias)
Age: 15
Level: 113
Race: Humanoid Existence
Title(s): Partially-Omniscient, Child of the Emptied Skies, Red Moon King, Great Hero
Talent: 100
Body 5460
Mind 1820
Soul 1820
Affinities: Time, Space, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, Light, Darkness, Life, Illusion
Abilities: Mandate of Black, Mandate of White, Mandate of Gray, Devilish Good Looks
Virtue: Temperance, Fortitude, Diligence
Vice: Lust, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony




When I looked at my accrued attainments, I felt a certain measure of surety in seeing that number. This surety came from knowing my “stats” and talent were fairly high compared to the average person. I came from knowing that I leveling entire cities was becoming progressively easier on both a mortal and practical front. It came from feeling my body, mind and spirit grow more rich and full with each and every invested talent point.

Granted I wasn’t entirely sure how high this was, and I was far from confident on my standing when compared to other monsters who were out there with even higher talent and “stats” but it was something.


I felt like my life was headed in a good direction. So long as I kept going the way I was going in no time at all, I would be a secret powerhouse and  a student in middle-level School of Sorcery, which were pretty good as far as statuses went.


Not too high, not too low. A good, firm, foundation for my new life, in a new world.


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