The Monochrome Bleed

This is…something I had rolling around in my head for a while…I’m not sure if I’ll finish it…or if I want to put in the time involved in giving it its own site or page so I’m going to make this a blog. If it comes out okay I figure I’ll give it a little more love.


About: There’s a world surrounded by a black and white cage. A reality with cracks in it. A world that’s always on the brink of ending yet keeps on spinning. This is the Monochrome Bleed.

A this the tale of a certain man and a certain woman who both might or might not be entirely human. Who lead their lives, making end’s meet, by venturing into places that most don’t dare go, looking for treasure, and other rare goodies. Occasionally saving a few lives along the way.



Table of Contents

1:Things of this World

2: Long Dark Hallways

3: Their Happy Ending

4: Back to Work

5: Trust Fall

6: Better Halves

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