14: Open Beta

Two weeks had passed since Morrigan had, had the people of the Administration make several discrete calls to some of the other higher powers that were observing Agartha.


Her royal grandfather returned at the end of this period and as always he returned bearing gifts.


Some general souvenirs that he had distributed to some of his favorites amongst the staff. His most loyal, most hardworking employees in the lower ranks. Those whose names he’d begun to watch for the sake of grooming them for bigger and better things.


As well as a few special presents he’d brought for the people he knew personally.


As his granddaughter, it was a given that Morrigan, or Morri as he called her, would be counted amongst the number of those that he knew personally.


“Hiya, kiddo…” said William.


The little girl startled, face reddening as she realized that she’d been caught doodling instead of dealing with the stacks and stacks of paperwork that sat on her desk.


“….Good to have you back, sir.” said Morrigan.


“Good to be back.” said William.


He plopped himself down in the couch that sat in the corner of the girl’s office. Which was fine because he’d created that couch for that exact purpose. It was his plopping couch, for when he wanted to bug his precious grand, grand, grand to about the fiftieth power, grandchild.


There were several such plopping couches in existence throughout the cosmos. Sitting in the corner of presidential offices, royal palaces, corporate boardrooms and war room throughout all of time and space.


“Um…would it be safe to assume that things went fine?” asked Morrigan


“…..Nh? Yeah. How about here?”


“Nh…for the most part things were fine. We had a few issues but…”


William nodded, legs crossed, fingers steepled with his hand resting on his knees.


“I can imagine…anything of note?” asked the blank faced man.

The girl bit her bottom lip as if unsure if she wanted to reveal what had taken place. Then scowled as she mentally chided herself.


“Well it seems that the Calamity Campaign we were planning to use to rollout some changes to the system got triggered ten thousand years too early.” said the girl.


“Ah…that sounds bad. I wonder how that happened…”


“Well it seems your friend…er…Mr.Redmoon. It seems he might have beaten one of the guardians…One of the Demonkings we put in charge of the quest…”


“Ah…so he’s a calamity beast I take it…”


“No, he seems to have found one of the stones of reason that we left littered around that particular territory…” said Morrigan.


William nodded, tapping his leg with his forefinger. His brow slightly furrowed. His heart simultaneously lightened and bothered. Lightened that he wouldn’t have to kick his friend from the system to save him from losing his reason…bothered because whether purposeful or not the young immortal had gone and kicked over anthill of sorts.


“Mhm…Well that’s good then…Honestly the real question is how he could have managed to defeat the guardian…the folks and territories we set up should have been beyond the populace’s ability to deal with…at least for now…Even Redmoon shouldn’t have been able to beat one of them…”


“Well…we looked into it and it seems Gilgamesh, the metal deity we put in charge of the territory seems to have forfeited…”


William’s eyes grew gloomy and sharp.

“He did, did he?…Ah…well, I guess we’re going to have to have a little chat with the old Sage about dereliction of duty now won’t we?” said William. His words making the girl shiver though his tone was light and his expression as bland as ever.


“Okay, I’m assuming you must have done something to remedy the situation…Mind telling me what your solution was?” said William.


Again the girl felt a bit anxious, it wasn’t that she thought her fix was a bad one…It was more that she was concerned that her grandfather would think so.


“Well…since the  feature rollout was supposed to be done at around the same time the average global energy level was at our next charted benchmark for a stable Status quo…I figured we could avoid an imbalance by bringing in higher energy beings from outside…” said Morrigan.


William nodded, and she felt the knot in her chest loosen. This was her first major position since getting into the family business so to speak. After going through imperial Overlord Academy, and then deciding that she didn’t “want” lord over anyone, after all…the girl had been lost for a bit.


On one hand she wasn’t even fifteen yet, so there was no one who thought she really needed to figure her life out quite yet. On other hand “she” still felt a pressure to hurry up and become something…

“Mhm…A good fix..so that’s an A-plus on that end but I’m going to have to take off quite a few points for forgetting the big picture.”

The girl blinked. Feeling a lump rise her in throat.


“….The…the big picture, sir?”


“What’s the point of the system…hell, what the point of this whole little project of ours?”


The girl was quick to respond.


“To ground and neutralize divine energy outflow from the core of heavenly mass that makes up the bulk of this world.”


“Right…or rather the point of the system is to do this humanely, instead of just anchoring every living thing on this planet to that core and forcing them into some kind of messed up hamster wheel scenario…still you’ve got the gist of it. The mortals level up and do their part and the stars of this little show the heroes and the demonkings go to war which serves as the driving force for most of the energy conversion and as Agartha slowly changes from a quarantined world to a proper and most importantly a safe realm for the cosmic community to have in its midst… we gently move things into place to make sure that the transition is relatively harmless for the countless other worlds that are out there.”


“Yes, sir…” said Morrigan.


“And that’s the problem….” said William.


“Sir?” said the girl. Feeling just a little lost.


“The ten thousand year mark isn’t something I just made up on my own convenience…its not an arbitrary date. It’s the point in time where Agartha will have finally transitioned from a wonderland land to a proper stabilized realm, either heavenly or otherwise…It’s also the point where the energy levels would have been safest for us to just immediately try to drain to get the job done.”


“Oh…Oh, no…” said the girl. Her look growing gloomier as she caught onto what her grandfather was saying.


“So…I wasn’t fixing things by allowing all those other higher energy beings in?”


William shook his.


“No…Don’t get me wrong, you didn’t screw up on that account but you left the job half done.”


“Half done?”


“Unfortunately there was a reason we were being careful about who we let in and who we didn’t…The empire has worlds nearby now so we now have a personal stake in this…”


“Oh…okay then, so what do we do?” said Morrigan. Not at all surprised that her grandfather had acquired even more realms during his brief sojourn off the planet.


“Simple. We open the doors wide…and then we reset the system…”


The little girl’s eyes opened wide.


“Reset the system? I don’t think the council of chaos and order would go for that?”


“Wouldn’t they? You forgetting what we’ve done in the last few thousand years. Forget proving we can guide and control the development of multiple civilizations at once. Forget the fact that our company has been responsible for keeping the rest of the realities safe from the toxic energies of this planet. Forget that through our guidance and technologies we’ve slowly molded the very nature of this planet to the point that it’s become a veritable treasure trove. Just the system…just the leveling system alone is enough to assure that they and everyone else who’s watching will cut us just a little slack..so long as we say that they too can get in on the action.” said William.


The girl’s eyes grew bright and sharp as understanding struck her.


“Ah…in that case I’ll go have someone make the necessary calls, sir.” said the girl.


William smiled. Giving the girl a pat on the head and handing her the colorfully wrapped box that he’d originally come into the office to give her.


“That-a girl…”

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