11: Emergency Shutdown

In a certain room, in a certain tower that hovered above the purple-green landscape of Agartha, a choir of blindfolded, winged women oversaw the happenings of the world.

A world that was displayed on a room-sized holographic projection. Displayed as an ever flowing datastream made up of akashic alpha-numerics.


Somewhere amidst all those squiggles, pointed symbols, patterned dots, and ones and zeros something akin to an error message popped up and the supervisor in charge of that particular observational called for a momentary halt of the system.


The world ended again, but this time was one of  many occasional, regulated endings that most universes might experience. Scheduled planned and safe.


A universe that was slowly being overtaken and converted into a wonderland ceased to be and one of the many worlds that lay beneath the infinite and eternal heavens disappeared from view.


The world stopped spinning and for the casual observer it was as if everything ended. Of course, this wasn’t the “actual” end of the world. It was just a mere pause. The sea, the earth, the grass, the trees, the birds in the sky and the starry canopy above all went away. But again this was all fine. All as intended. 


Reality ceased to be, but as reality was just physical phenomena being interpreted by consciousness, for the billions of lives that now populated the planet Agartha, it would merely seem as if they all lost momentarily lost their train of thought.


The hours where time was halted would not be logged into their memories or perceived except on the most basic and liminal of levels so for them, it would be as if the period never happened.


The Supervisor logged the time-space coordinates from which the error had originated then went and reported to her supervisor, a woman whose countless eyes had been placed on her wings. That supervisor kicked the issue to her Supervisor a man who was made entirely of whispers, who then kicked it up to his Supervisor who ostensibly just seemed to be a very ominous little girl. A certain sinister something hiding behind those bright eyes, button nose and golden ringlets.


The little girl then read the report and took it up directly to her supervisor, who was also the man in charge of the whole operation. Running the system that controlled and monitored Agartha’s divine energy output and moderated its release, recapture and utilization in the system known to the populace as the Leveling System.


“Your highness, there seems to be an anomaly in Sector Seven-G?” said the ominous little girl.


Speaking to a man whose age was as hard to figure out as his gender was.  

His features both young and old. Both Masculine and Feminine. With a certain nearly imperceptible something tilting the scales towards the former rather than the later.

A dark man, in a  dark gray suit, whose face bore no expression whatsoever.


He took the report. Absorbed the data directly and then he snorted. An impossibly faint, ghost of a smile accompanied an even fainter burst of laughter.


“Classic Redmoon…What a card.” said the man. Muttering to himself, a hint of warmth entering his tone. Though the overall flatness and his lack of expression, might well have given the young lady who stood at attention by his desk that something very, very bad would soon be befalling this Redmoon…Whoever or whatever he was.


“Nh…..just isolate the sector so it doesn’t affect the surrounding regions. I’ll handle the rest.”


The young woman bowed.


“Yes, sir.”


Then not long after she’d made her exit, the blank faced man made his. Teleporting out of his office.

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