1: The Reboot

Roughly three hundred thousand years had gone by since Agartha’s big reboot. Long enough for all of the out-of-control energy to stabilize to a reasonably safe range.


Long enough for the climate and the land to be remolded for the sake of the great machine. Splitting into two substrata, one in which reality flowed mundanely and one in which the chaotic divine energy could freely and safely flow with effecting either Agartha or the myriad universes beyond.


A subjective three hundred million years more was made to pass before the world’s wheel of Samsara could begin spinning again, allowing for lives to be born and reborn. Converting the myriad souls of the mortals who’d been brought there and the gods, demons, and celestial monsters who’d decided to descend, into a more standardized form of being.

During this process of great rebirth for the great Wonderland of Agartha, the good folks of the Asphodel Administration and the Divine Council of Chaos and Order worked in tandem to seed the beginnings of this new world’s new civilization.


Several eons more passed before everything came to fruition. First a pantheon was established for the new world, made up of various gods and immortal beings from the council of chaos and order, all them young and old. Paying through the nose for the opportunity. Paying in effort and labor and resources.


Then small kingdoms  rise up. Born from the small tribes of reincarnated souls that had been slowly been placed all around Agartha. With their progress expedited by the help of the immortal administration. The kingdoms gave birth to empires and nations. Those nations were then put through a sort societal pasteurization. With all the monarchies and dictators being democratized, while the sects, guilds and immortal powers held the reign of various shadow governments that fought both within and amongst themselves.

This would be done to avoid any of the greater players, or divines from taking advantage and monopolizing the wonderland.


In case of any unprecedented events, both the administration and council would have observers and fail-safes in place to keep any one power from growing too strong.


While all this took place, while society to a standard that might be analogous to that of an optimistically founded twenty-fourth century earth, the two realities of Agartha were slowly fused.


Levellers were re-introduced shortly after the kingdoms arose. The immortals and the Immortal (Calamity) Kings were phased in during the empire phase. Their introduction made a part of the final stabilizing process of the world’s divine energy flow.


The menu system was reworked, and simplified with most of its processes automated. Instead of a full status menu there was just a projection used for  finding an individual’s level number and their name. In the same vein that stat points were found extraneous, was decided that giving anymore information  than this was unnecessary for “player”  world interactions and the proper function of the system.


Information concerning affiliations, and affinities would still be store and collected by the system and made extractable via certain menu access spells that would be given only to the churches, the sects and the state.


“Monsters” were introduced shortly after, made out of modified flora and fauna. With sentient members of the Monster race being formed from volunteers in soul pool. The monster level would be staggered to match population number and average leveller level. Biomes would be established and strictly controlled.


Myriad safe measures would be put in place to avoid the same overflow events that made the reboot necessary.

Thus the new world would be born. Modern yet not. Feudalistic yet democratic. Chaotic yet orderly. A world of infinite possibilities where even gods might reach higher standing with enough luck and perseverance.


The world would be populated by humanoid beings all of them genetically compatible and bearing a roughly humanoid form. None of these “humans” would actually be human and all human souls that migrated over from the other worlds would be assigned a new race. The assignment either  done randomly, made dependent on their patron gods, or done according to their inner nature.

The inhuman “humans” would be made up six broad races with various variations; the fae, the demons, the beast, machines, the spirits, and the elementals.


Strengths, affinities and physiology would be roughly what one would expect from these races’ otherworld analogues, if a little humanity was mixed in. Interbreeding would be encouraged to avoid abuses and divine favoritism.


Once past the pasteurization point,  society would be allowed to unfold on its own with little to no outside intervention. Again observation would be put in place and care would be taken to keep things from getting out of hand.

Thus the new Agartha would be born.


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